Who We Are

Over the past decade, the Strategic Offsites Group has become the world’s leading firm in designing and facilitating strategy conversations for executive teams and boards. We deliberately straddle the line between strategy, process, facilitation, and organizational consulting. This unique combination of expertise allows us to be trusted partners to our client executives on their most challenging strategic issues. Although industries and topics vary greatly, the core of our work is helping to align and galvanize our clients’ leadership to pursue their most significant opportunities.

How We Do it

Whether a client has engaged us for a single offsite or a multiyear change effort, our role is to help design and manage strategic conversations. Working closely with our clients, we design and facilitate meetings, projects and processes around key strategic challenges. While we are not team builders, we often help to optimize the function of executive teams. Our analytic tools, processes, and methods are focused around one theme: aligning management teams to successfully implement clear and positive strategies.

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