Pulling the Plug: Why ‘Stop Doing’ Is So Hard To Do

Recently, in a pre-offsite meeting survey we asked a senior management team, “What have been the major factors inhibiting their organization from more growth?”  The number one answer by far: Too [...] read more

To Get Better Decisions, Get a Little Fuzzy

It’s easy to equate crisp, clear, black-and-white decisions with good decisions. After all, the very definition of decisive includes words like “unmistakable,” “final,” and “conclusive.” Make the call, check the [...] read more

What is the best way to start planning a strategy meeting?

Watch Managing Partner Bob Frisch explain the best way to start planning a strategy meeting – by establishing a clear set of objectives for the meeting. [...] read more

Corporate Boards: Strategy, Not Just Operations Review

Watch a video of Bob summarizing some key points from his recent presentation, “Five Strategy Conversations Every Board Should Have”, hosted by the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Arthur [...] read more

7 Ways to Run a Strategy Offsite That Gets Results

Professors in the U.K. recently crunched data from 650 strategy offsites to learn what works--and what doesn't. How do you plan a successful strategy offsite? Read here. [...] read more

What are the keys to a successful Transformation effort?

Learn how a successful transformation effort works with three key leadership steps: providing direction, taking feedback from the organization, and effectively coordinating the functions around a set of priorities. [...] read more

Does It Matter Where Your Top Team Sits?

Everywhere I go, executive suites are being reconfigured so that the entire top team can have their offices together. To fit everyone on a single floor, companies are ripping out [...] read more

Offsite Meetings: Three Ways to Finish Every Event (Video)

Cary Greene, Partner and author of “Leadership Summits That Work,” explains what to do to ensure you end a strategy offsite meeting just as productively as you start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81o1xgsZAB0 [...] read more

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