Culture vs. Strategy is A False Choice

In his recent Fast Company piece “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch,” author Shawn Parr joins a long list of commentators, psychologists, authors, and consultants who’ve used that dietary line to [...] read more

Why the CEO is Here to Stay

In a recent post on, Doreen Lorenzo, the president of frog, raised a provocative question: Are we living in a post-CEO world? The short answer is no, and here’s [...] read more

It’s Time to Bring Back the Executive Dining Room

When I was at the Dial Corporation (makers of Dial soap) in the 1980s, executives working at corporate headquarters went through a now-antiquated ritual every day at 11:45. Meetings and [...] read more

Life or Death Decision-Making: What Businesses Can Learn From the Red Cross

Gail McGovern, the president and CEO of the American Red Cross, assumed leadership of this iconic organization at a particularly tough time. In 2008, when she was chosen from among [...] read more

If You Think Your Team Makes Decisions, Think Again

Executives tell me their teams make decisions all the time. “Bob,” a CEO will say, “I know you think that individuals — not groups — make most decisions. But that’s [...] read more

Keep Your Sarbanes-Oxley Off My CFO

Self-proclaimed shareholder advocates have extended Sarbanes-Oxley reforms deeper and deeper into the business. Now some are going too far, pushing those regulations into areas that intrude on effective corporate administration. [...] read more

Five Strategy Conversations Every Board Should Have

Seventy corporate directors got together at Stanford Law School in January 2013 to hear Bob Frisch’s talk, “Five Strategy Conversations Every Board Should Have”, hosted by the National Association of [...] read more

The Co-CEO Model Is Officially Dead

The resignation of Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis has caused many business pundits to start writing eulogies for Blackberry maker Research in Motion, the company where they served as Co-CEOs. Instead, [...] read more

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